Loyalty Schemes More Important than Ever as Supermarket Promotions Fall

It may sometimes feel that you are bombarded by offers from retailers at every turn – whether through emails, texts, app alerts, TV adverts or in-store signage, we are exposed to lots of them on a daily basis. However, despite shoppers perhaps assuming that such practices are on the rise, new data released this week has actually proven that the opposite is true.

According to a study by IRI, supermarket promotional offers have dropped to their lowest level in a decade. The result is that shoppers are finding the weekly food shop to be more and more expensive, with fewer offers available for them to sniff out bargains or buy in bulk.

Consequently, the pressure is now on consumers to shop smarter. And the team here at Ubamarket HQ are confident that our brilliant app that will help you do just that.

In particular, our Automatic Loyalty system is a sure fire way to help you cut down on the cost of your shopping. Thanks to our Automatic Loyalty feature, every item you buy through an Ubamarket-powered app, you will automatically collect loyalty points and, in turn, save yourself money through rewards. There’s no need to remember your card, while creating a loyalty account with the scheme associated with the store you’re in is dead easy.

It was recently revealed that £6 billion sits unused within loyalty programmes across the UK because people are either unaware they are sat on a mound of points or they don’t know how to cash them in. By using an app to automatically collect and store your loyalty points, not only can you track how many you have in real-time, but you can use them to great money saving effect any time you want.

Top Tips for a More Efficient Food Shop

For many of us, in-store food shopping is more hassle than it’s worth – with the constant forgetting of loyalty cards, struggles to find items, long queues, and worst of all the non-existent ‘unexpected item’ in the bagging area. Indeed, just last year we surveyed 2,000 UK shoppers and found that 66% of us are fed up with our supermarket shopping experience.

Thankfully, last year Ubamarket also began its rollout, with plans to usher in a nationwide retail revolution and end the small tyrannies we all are forced to endure when grabbing a pint of milk or doing the weekly food shop. And because we’re experts in making the whole supermarket shopping process better, we thought we would impart some of our pearls of wisdom; to save crucial time and money, Ubamarket has compiled a list of our top tips for alleviating the inevitable rage that either comes from these in-store injustices or afterwards once you realise how much you’ve spent… or worse yet, that you forgot the items you came in for!

Input all participating loyalty schemes into a handy app

Loyalty schemes are notoriously difficult to keep track of, so why not track them in real-time and take full advantage of your personal offers with an app.

Make a list

We won’t hide our disdain for our rival – the fragile and outdated paper shopping list – but keeping track of the essentials is absolutely vital. Always be sure to note down what you go in for, not only will it ensure you don’t forget anything, but it will also stop you meandering around aimless and wasting time and money.

Consider the latest loyalty offers available

The exact number of points can sometimes be tough to track but you can rack up more points and save a lot if you stock up using the latest offers. Always keep an eye on personalised deals or mass promotions for effective savings.

Use Ubamarket (obviously!)

Nothing is more expensive than a long sojourn through the aisles – especially when children (or hungry spouses) are involved! Cut down on time and accept no second best alternatives with a little help from your smartphone. Not only will Ubamarket’s supermarket sat-nav show you were all the items on your list can be found, but we will also enable you to pay through the app so you don’t have to go through the hassle of unpacking and scanning then re-packing each item all over again.

Ubamarket reveals how we like to pay

“Cash or Card?” – that’s the question…! Or is it?

Ubamarket’s latest research, which has received significant interest from the national press, revealed that shoppers up and down the country are waiting in the wings for stores to implement in-app payment technology into their stores.

Ubamarket’s latest research was covered online in the Daily Mail and Daily Express, and in the print editions of the Daily Star and the Daily Mirror. The research also attracted the interest of retail industry-leading titles Retail System and Verdict, amongst others.

With in-store supermarkets facing an ever more competitive battle to win our loyalty, the era of long payment queues simply cannot last. Our research found that shoppers are crying out for more convenient payment options, with Ubamarket ideally placed to come to the rescue!

Supermarket shopping is really changing, as we saw both in our appearance on BBC One’s Supermarket Secrets and our latest slot on Russia Today!  As every aspect of in-store shopping starts to change beyond recognition – from the heady days of long payment queues, cash tills and unidentifiable loyalty points – there really is no excuse for retailers to frustrate their customers with inconvenient practices.

Can Online Food Shopping Ever Replace the In-store Experience?

A few years ago, many of us expected that the days of the Great British high street, and perhaps even the supermarket, may be numbered. A task force was even launched by No.10 – headed by retail guru Mary Portas – to revive the nation’s beleaguered bricks and mortar retailers in the face of the ever-growing threat coming from online shopping.

However, over the past few years shoppers have grown tired of outsized and outlandish garments that never look quite how you expect. What’s more, consumers will no longer accept receiving bruised and groceries – or even worse, unwanted replacement items – delivered to their homes.

As shoppers, we now know that being able to inspect the food you buy is really important; as the saying goes, we really do eat with our eyes. In fact, Ubamarket’s research has found that not being able to pick your own items was the biggest gripe people had with online food shopping. While online might perfectly suit those of us looking to buy a new TV, the irritation of waiting potentially days only to receive unripe bananas at your door, is now a true bugbear of food shoppers in the digital age.

Thankfully many of the problems that we traditionally had with in-store food shopping, such as outrageously long queues and difficulties finding essential items, are now being resolved – thanks to a retail revolution ushered in by your favourite app, Ubamarket.  By marrying the speed and convenience of online with the essential sensory value of the in-store experience, Ubamarket really offers shoppers the best of both worlds.

Download the Ubamarket app today and say sayonara to both long in-store queues and unsuitable food deliveries.

Ubamarket reveals how UK shoppers want to pay for goods

As week after week goes by with millions of us stuck in long payment queues in stores across the nation, Ubamarket has decided to get to the bottom of this ongoing issue. We have commissioned research among 2,000 UK shoppers to examine the frustrations they feel towards queues, cash payment, tills and self-scan machines. What’s more, we can reveal people’s favourite payment methods and how consumers think they’ll be paying for items in the years to come.

You can read all about Ubamarket’s latest research in the Daily Express!

With so many of our transactions now processed online or through smartphones, Ubamarket’s research revealed that shoppers are increasingly expecting greater efficiency and convenience from retailers, with cash payment causing shoppers to walk away. In fact, 20% of consumers – the equivalent of over 10 million people across the UK – said they consciously avoid going to any retailer who only accepts cash. We also found that, in-app payments are fast-becoming the favourite method of payment among Brits, with over half (53%) of millennials stating that they think all payments will be made via mobiles devices in five years’ time.

It also appears that shoppers are growing tired of self-scan tills, with 48% of us feeling irritated by stores’ continued reliance on these supposedly “time-saving” machines. It’s easy to understand why – not only do these self-scan tills attract their own long queues, but shoppers must also deal with the technology complaining about phantom items in the bagging area and usually requiring an assistant to come and sort matters out; it’s clear our patience is wearing thin.

Thankfully, Ubamarket has come to the rescue of the nation’s shoppers, providing effortless app-based payment, meaning you can forget about needing notes, coins or queues. You don’t have to take our word for it; you can watch Ben check-out in lightning speed as he trials Ubamarket on BBC One’s Supermarket Shopping Secrets – check out the video below!

Ubamarket on BBC One’s Supermarket Shopping Secrets from Ubamarket. Shop Smarter. on Vimeo.

Over the next five years, it appears that coins and notes will be confined to the household drawer of obsolete items. Thanks to the retail revolution ushered in by Ubamarket, all shoppers will soon have everything they need to shop simply and swiftly on their phones.

Ubamarket Emerges Victorious from TV Trial

So, did you see it?! Hopefully you were one of the millions of people across the UK who tuned in on Monday night to see Ubamarket make its Silver Screen debut on BBC One’s Supermarket Shopping Secrets.

On the primetime show, Ubamarket was put through its paces in the digital-age version of Supermarket Sweep (minus Dale Winton, but with added Will Broome!). Two shoppers went head-to-head to find a list of 12 everyday items – one used an old fashioned scrap of paper with the list scribbled on, the other had the luxury of using Ubamarket. The result? You guessed it – the Ubamarket shopper breezed their way to a comfortable victory!

Not only did the app help Ben find every item effortlessly, but it enabled them to scan the items as they went and seamlessly checkout without having to re-scan and pack every product again. What’s more, the shopper using Ubamarket also collected Automatic Loyalty points throughout the entire shop without having to do anything.

As well as the real-life trial, the BBC One programme also spoke with Ubamarket’s founder and CEO Will Broome, who explained how our revolutionary retail app will make food shopping quicker, easier and more rewarding for customers.

For anyone who missed it, fear not – you can catch up via the video below!

Ubamarket on BBC One’s Supermarket Shopping Secrets from Ubamarket. Shop Smarter. on Vimeo.

An Uba-week for Ubamarket  

Next week will be a monumental week for Ubamarket! Our founder Will Broome will be starring on BBC One’s prime time show Supermarket Secrets at 9.00pm on Monday 10th July. But as if that wasn’t enough, next week we will also be releasing comprehensive new investigative research to the press delving into the truth about how consumers like to pay for their goods.

Supermarket Secrets is a three-part series investigating the world of food retail and is presented by Masterchef host Gregg Wallace and BBC News journalist Babita Sharma. The show explores how British supermarkets make and move the food they sell through a series of reports and interviews.

Since that historic moment in aisle 9  (when our founder came up with the idea for our game-changing new app), Ubamarket has always been committed to uncovering the mysteries of our relationship with supermarkets; so naturally Will is excited to share his plans of how Ubamarket will revolutionise our shopping experience!

Our fascination with how we buy and consume food has led Ubamarket to undertake headline making research into our shopping habits – just take a look at our Reviving Retail report from last year. The latest piece of Ubamarket research will be coming out next week, examining the impact long queues and old-fashioned payment systems have on how we spend, how we shop and how we choose the supermarkets we visit.

By uncovering new insights into our shopping habits and sharing knowledge with other experts, Ubamarket plans to take the retail revolution in new directions, bringing about even more seamless shopping trips.

Ubamarket Coming to the Silver Screen Soon!

Lights. Camera. Action. It’s been a really exciting week for Ubamarket as we welcomed some very special guests to film with us and get the inside track on our revolutionary new supermarket app. On Tuesday, a team from international news agency and broadcaster Russia Today came to watch Ubamarket in action – they saw first-hand the full capabilities of the app, from the simple scanning to the rapid check-out. Needless to say, we look forward to informing of you when we are going to arrive on your TV screens in the near future! And, as if that wasn’t enough, we can also reveal that in a little over a week’s time – on Monday 10th July, to be precise – Ubamarket is set for another television appearance. Our amazing app is going to feature on BBC One’s Supermarket Shopping Secrets programme, so be sure to set the show to record (don’t worry, we’ll be sure to remind you again before it airs!). Like Russia Today, the BBC came down to a Budgens supermarket to find out for themselves what all the hype was about, and they certainly weren’t disappointed. These two exciting TV screenings coming up for Ubamarket underline the app’s position as an undoubtable industry-leader. Upon trialling the app last year, The Grocer magazine dubbed us “the most sophisticated supermarket app out there”, and now producers on the silver screen are sitting up and taking note. We look forward to sharing more information with you once Ubamarket hits a TV screen near you!

How Can Ubamarket Make Prince Harry’s Life Easier?

It’s official: Prince Harry does his own food shopping. In a wide-ranging interview with Newsweek, the 32-year-old revealed: “I do my own shopping. Sometimes, when I come away from the meat counter in my local supermarket, I worry someone will snap me with their phone. But I am determined to have a relatively normal life.”

Ok, some people might have focused on other bits of the interview – like the parts about the loss of his mother or his time in the army – but here at Ubamarket HQ, this was the part that really pricked our ears. We wonder what he has on his shopping list… some king prawns perhaps, or King Edward potatoes? Whatever’s on his regal list, it’s an interesting revelation. After all, if even the Royal Family is popping to the local supermarket to do their own food shop, then there really is a need to make the experience far less strenuous.

Ubamarket’s research has uncovered that 66% of UK consumers find supermarket shopping frustrating. And why wouldn’t they – with long queues, hard to find items and forgotten loyalty cards driving customers round the bend, we need to find a better way to shop.

In fact, it was his annoyance at impractical supermarkets that led to Will Broome, Founder of Ubamarket, having his Eureka moment! He realised that with a little technological innovation and a lot of elbow grease, we could take all the stresses and strains out of buying food. And so Ubamarket was born.

Ubamarket™ – Shop Smarter from Ubamarket. Shop Smarter. on Vimeo

As Ubamarket prepares to roll out across the UK in the coming months and years, we’re confident that the world of supermarket shopping will never be the same again. So, whether you’re a 32-year-old Prince at the meat counter of his local store, or a mum-of-two desperately trying to find the nappies, Ubamarket is here to make food shopping quick, easy and rewarding for all!

The Truth behind Shoppers’ Love-Hate Relationship with Loyalty Schemes

Retail loyalty schemes can been traced back as far as the late 18th century, when retailers in America began offering customers copper tokens that they could redeem during future visits in return for free or discounted items. In the intervening 250 or so years, loyalty programmes have become far more commonplace and slightly more advanced, but the underlying principle remains the same – retailers understand that they must offer customers rewards for their repeat business.

However, despite loyalty schemes establishing themselves as an accepted norm in the retail industry, the way these benefits are delivered to the customer are far from perfect. To dig deeper into this issue and uncover the truth behind Britain’s love-hate relationship with loyalty programmes, Ubamarket has conducted a survey of more than 2,000 UK consumers. As you may have seen, this week the intriguing insights from our research featured in the Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Daily Star and Metro!

So what did we uncover?

Ubamarket’s research found that the majority (59%) of consumers are signed up to at least three different loyalty schemes. Moreover, almost half (46%) of shoppers said they choose to buy items in certain shops over others based on the points they can earn through a store’s loyalty scheme.

But despite the clear draw of loyalty points, there remains mass frustration with the current system. Three tenths (30%) of UK adults say they’ve lost track of how many loyalty schemes they’re signed up to, while 25% said they have no idea how many points they have on their loyalty cards and would not know how to find out. The findings come as research shows that a massive £6 billion sits unclaimed in loyalty accounts with the UK’s leading retailers. And wait; there’s more! A quarter of consumers say they regularly forget their loyalty card, blaming the current system for being outdated and “inefficient”.

The message from the survey is clear – shoppers love loyalty, but retailers have to make it much easier for customers to collect, track and claim their points.

We’re here to help!

Thankfully, Ubamarket solves this very problem (among many others!); forget fumbling through pockets and bags to find the right loyalty card – if you’ve even brought it with you – we integrate a store’s loyalty programme into our next-generation supermarket app. This enables the shopper to automatically gather points on every purchase – they can then see and reclaim their points with a single tap of their phone.

The future has arrived – now is the time for retailers to embrace it!