Yule be Lost Without Ubamarket this Christmas

It’s (almost) the most wonderful time of the year. Next week marks the first of December, which means two things; you get to open the first door on your advent calendar (or devour the entire thing in one sitting and remain disappointed for the remainder of the month), and it’s time to start prepping your Christmas shopping list.

From turkey to tinsel, clementines to Christmas pud, prosecco to paracetamol, the Christmas shopping list is endless. And with so many events to attend and parties to throw, there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get all your items ticked off while enjoying the festive season to the full. But luckily, Ubamarket is here to help this year.

With all the sparkle of the seasonal aisle it’s easy to get distracted during your Christmas shop. But, with our in-store satnav, you’ll never forget what you came in for. As you know, our revolutionary new scan and shop app enables you to enter your entire list – no matter how many miles long it is – into your smartphone. It will then rearrange all your items according to where they’re located in the store to plot the most efficient route around the supermarket. Not only that, you get automatic loyalty on every single item you buy.

We’ve already had some fantastic coverage to showcase how our app is leading a retail revolution, and this week Which? has joined the party. The comparison and review website highlighted the plight of the food shopper at this time of year and how our new app can help you navigate the supermarket during this busy period.

Read the full story here to see how our app can map out your food shop and give you a little more time to have a very merry Christmas.

Tis the Season for… Great Deals!

With Black Friday on the horizon and Christmas around the corner this only means one thing: time to get shopping! This time of year is great; the gifts, the lights, but mainly all that delicious food and drink which we all allow ourselves to overindulge in. However, despite all this fun, the festive season can also get a little tough on those old purse strings. We somehow have to manage to buy trees, crackers, gifts, Christmas outfits, huge turkeys, mountains of food and still have money left for the Champers come midnight on 31 December.

That’s why, across the pond, Black Friday was invented; the day after Thanksgiving, this tradition is there to help soothe the bloated turkey pains and give shoppers the chance to get a healthy dose of retail therapy. For you this means, unbelievable deals and a chance to stock up on Christmas supplies, for retailers this means massive competition. And supermarkets are joining in more than ever, which is great news because that Christmas party you are planning to throw somehow always costs more than you thought it would.

We might not be a retailer, but we are leading a retail revolution – as such, we wanted to join in the fun. So, we thought: how can we offer a tempting discount, and what can we give our friends as a little pre-Christmas treat? The answer was money and wine; or more specifically, £5 off and, for our true fiends, a bottle of wine to enjoy with a mince pie! All you have to do is become an Ubamarket user (you can’t get a gift if you don’t come to the party) and get scanning your shop with our amazing app to save £5… not to mention plenty of time. But wait, there’s more; if you use our app ten times before Christmas –which we are sure you will want to – we will give you a free bottle of wine.

Now get down to Budgens in Moreton-in-Marsh and get scanning!

Daily Mail Hails Ubamarket as the new ‘Supermarket Satnav’!

It feels like we say it most weeks, but there’s no denying it – it has been another amazing seven days for all of us here at Ubamarket HQ. Not only was our CEO Will Broome on BBC Radio (again!), but we also found ourselves plastered all over the national and trade press, including an incredible piece in the Mail Online. Did you see it? Let’s face it; you probably did because the Mail Online is one of the most read online newspapers in the whole world!

Our app is kind of is big news, at least, for anyone who (as the Mail puts it) would like to bring “an end to the frustration of criss-crossing the shop searching for products”. And who wouldn’t want to do that? Why keep getting lost in the dairy isle when there’s a satnav for supermarkets? But enough from us; read what they had to say here.

They weren’t the only ones to pick up on the fact that there is now an app out there that marks “a new era in grocery shopping” though. No, Talking Retail also used us as an example of how retailers can harness technology effectively, while BT News told its readers ‘Hate shopping? Try the supermarket satnav!’

Of course, it’s always great to see yourself in the press. But, what’s really important is that we are getting the word out there that shopping really can be much smarter and faster. We are well on our way towards the retail revolution, but we will not rest until we (and you) have ‘arrived at our destination’! So keep your eyes peeled for more of us in the press. And we are quietly confident that you’ll be seeing much more of Ubamarket in the press; after all, we’re not just the food shopping satnav, but the market leading Tom Tom of the supermarket world.

Radio Ga Ga: Ubamarket Features on BBC Radio 4!

You know things are really starting to kick off when you sit down for a chat on BBC Radio 4! Yep, it’s the Beeb, so it’s kind of a big deal when they want to talk to you. Then again, why wouldn’t they when you are about to start a retail revolution? That’s exactly what happened this past week, when our CEO Will Broome appeared on the nation’s favourite high-brow radio station.

It was a great chance for the man behind Ubamarket to inform the 11,507,000 grocery shoppers out there listening (we presume Radio 4 listeners buy food, after all) about our magic shopping list, how to shop smarter and why our app is basically the crème of the crop!

You might think Will would be a little nervous about speaking on the Britain’s second most popular domestic radio station, but when you are certain that you have a great product that has been the apple of your eye for quite some time (five years to be exact) there’s nothing to be nervous about. In fact, we would say that Will was as cool as a cucumber. So, find out what he had to say here.

But it’s not just the radio waves that have been filled up by Ubamarket this week; we’ve also appeared in the good old fashioned written press, with The Grocer writing a fantastic new piece about our launch in Moreton-in-Marsh and pending roll-out across 5,000 UK stores.