Radio Ga Ga: Ubamarket Features on BBC Radio 4!

You know things are really starting to kick off when you sit down for a chat on BBC Radio 4! Yep, it’s the Beeb, so it’s kind of a big deal when they want to talk to you. Then again, why wouldn’t they when you are about to start a retail revolution? That’s exactly what happened this past week, when our CEO Will Broome appeared on the nation’s favourite high-brow radio station.

It was a great chance for the man behind Ubamarket to inform the 11,507,000 grocery shoppers out there listening (we presume Radio 4 listeners buy food, after all) about our magic shopping list, how to shop smarter and why our app is basically the crème of the crop!

You might think Will would be a little nervous about speaking on the Britain’s second most popular domestic radio station, but when you are certain that you have a great product that has been the apple of your eye for quite some time (five years to be exact) there’s nothing to be nervous about. In fact, we would say that Will was as cool as a cucumber. So, find out what he had to say here.

But it’s not just the radio waves that have been filled up by Ubamarket this week; we’ve also appeared in the good old fashioned written press, with The Grocer writing a fantastic new piece about our launch in Moreton-in-Marsh and pending roll-out across 5,000 UK stores.

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