Picture Alert! Have a Look at Ubamarket in Action

We are very excited to announce that our hard work is finally bearing fruit. It’s official; Ubamarket has launched in store this week and the first shoppers have been finding out just how smart shopping can get!

As you can guess, this is no small achievement for us, but the proof is very much in the pudding. And so far we’ve encountered many, many happy shoppers, who are successfully scanning their favourite products and produce while they collect Automatic Loyalty points and take the most convenient route through the store. That, for those who are not aware, is exactly what the revolutionary new Ubamarket app does.

We would like to say a big thank you to the beautiful Budgens store in Moreton-in-Marsh, which is proudly the first supermarket in Britain to have use of Ubamarket’s game-changing technology. But this is just the start, with a nationwide roll-out confirmed for 2016, so watch this space.

In the meantime, come and try it out in the lovely Cotswolds… or, if that’s a bit far for you to travel, be sure to check out these great snaps of the app in action!





All Treat, No Trick: How can Ubamarket’s Supernatural Shopping List help this Halloween?

Halloween is just around the corner. This means fun winter times are ahead for all, filled with treats and deliciously hearty food; next up Guy Fawkes, followed, of course, by Christmas and New Year! And the onset of the festive season means there are very busy times approaching for supermarkets and shoppers alike, as our food and drink consumption goes up a notch (or six). But, don’t worry, because we are here to make your Halloween shop an awful lot less scary!

We know all too well that a Halloween trip to the supermarket can leave you feeling like a zombie. There’s the rushing around making sure you get it all done on time (in between work and sticking fake cobwebs all over the house). Then there’s not forgetting the ingredients for the bloody cocktails, and the sweets you need to buy for the local kids that are bound to come knocking. To be honest, at these times, it’s a surprise we don’t even manage to forget the pumpkins themselves.

The tricky thing when you actually get into the supermarket is that you only buy these items once a year, which means you’re often left scratching your head trying to figure out where the tea lights are to place inside your carved pumpkin. Luckily, Ubamarket is on hand to make sure that this year, buying all your Halloween goodies is a little less gruesome (leaving you more time for the fun stuff).

No, we can’t decorate your house or make your kid a perfect mummy costume; but Ubamarket’s magic shopping list – which tells you where each of your items are located in the supermarket – can help you find out where on earth they keep red food colouring and chocolate skeletons. What’s more, we can help make sure the final cost will not be nearly as haunting, because Ubamarket tracks your spend as you go. Our app will even allow you to skip those nightmarish queues!

So why not makes this Halloween all treat and no trick by downloading Ubamarket today?

Ubamarket: The Exact Opposite of Marmite

Supermarkets have been in the news a lot this week; what with #Marmagedon and the supermarket price wars and all. We are all interested in the price of our weekly food shop, of course, but when it comes to war we are a bit of a Switzerland: nice and neutral (and with great taste in chocolate!). It’s not because we don’t care, though, it’s just that we don’t discriminate when it comes to supermarkets.

Our app has been designed so it can be used in any store; one app for all! So, whether you are a Budgens boy or a Waitrose woman, Ubamarket has been created to help you save time, hassle, money and general shopping frustration.

Of course we aren’t quite there yet, as we are still rolling out, and as of now we are available in Budgens. However, we have worked long and hard to make sure that the technology is in place to make our app easy to set up. In fact, a little fact for any retailers out there, within just 72 hours Ubamarket can be seamlessly integrated into any store in the UK. Great news for supermarkets and great news for you, because no one wants to be clogging up their phone with a different app for each store.

Our vision of the future is that wherever you are, you can pop into a food store nearby and use your magic Ubamarket shopping list. We are, in other words, the opposite of Marmite; suitable for all, which means that that our all-encompassing retail revolution really can take place!  Viva la shopping!

Want to Stay Ahead of the Game? There’s an App for That

“The most sophisticated supermarket app out there.” Nope, they’re not our words; this comes from a fantastic review in The Grocer. In our latest piece of coverage, the respected retail publication discussed the rise of in-store technology and the big name retailers that are beginning to embrace innovation to improve the supermarket experience for their shoppers.

In a three-page spread, the article delved into the developments that food retailers are beginning to integrate into their store. We heard from Tesco and the roll-out of its PayQwiq smartphone wallet; Waitrose’s scan and shop app Quick Check; Sainsbury’s SmartShop and finally Asda’s click & collect/in-store shopping list app. The use of tech in-store is a sign of the times and a huge leap forward in order to keep shoppers happy in the supermarket. However, what we noticed is that the big names are failing to create an all-encompassing solution that puts an end to our biggest food retail peeves.

Enter Ubamarket.

The magic shopping list that finds everything you need in-store, helps you to manage your spend, gives you Automatic LoyaltyTM and marks the end of the line for the endless queues at the checkout! After we found that 66% of shoppers are frustrated with their in-store experience, we’ve worked tirelessly to solve all your shopping gripes in one easy-to-use, beautifully packaged app. Although it’s promising to see retailers turning to technology, by failing to create one solution that ticks all the boxes for the shopper, there’s the risk that consumers will have to juggle multiple devices. Combine that with a basket full of goods and traipsing around to find out where the tea bags have been moved to and we’re bound to go off our trolleys.

To find out how Ubamarket could solve all your in-store peeves, read the full story with The Grocer.grocer-3