Ubamarket 2.0 is Just Around the Corner!

It’s been almost a year since the curtain was pulled back, revealing Ubamarket in all its glory. And what a year it’s been – our amazing new app has taken the UK by storm, drumming up interest left, right and centre. Just take a look at this incredible list of who’s been talking about us since we launched in our first store (and this is merely the tip of the iceberg):

While all of this amazing coverage on TV, in newspapers and on the airwaves is gratefully received, what the team at Ubamarket HQ is really excited about is the next phase of our development. In a month’s time, Ubamarket will be launching the white label version of its app.

This is a hugely important moment for us; it means that any retailer – however little or large – can get their hands on our revolutionary retail app and, more importantly, can have that app branded to their exact specifications.

What’s more, with digital loyalty cards built into the app, shoppers will be able to collect points through a retailer’s chosen scheme, doing away with the need to remember that outdated piece of plastic. And if they’re not signed up to the loyalty scheme, they can do so in seconds. That’s not even mentioning the app’s other fantastic features; our supermarket Sat-Nav will guide shoppers to their items in any store and enable them to scan their products using the app and then check-out effortlessly.

Having been dubbed “the most sophisticated supermarket out there” by The Grocer, Ubamarket has established itself at the forefront of retail tech. The next iteration of the app – the white label version – will bring this revolutionary mobile solution within the reach of thousands of retailers across the UK.

Watch. This. Space.

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