Loyalty Schemes More Important than Ever as Supermarket Promotions Fall

It may sometimes feel that you are bombarded by offers from retailers at every turn – whether through emails, texts, app alerts, TV adverts or in-store signage, we are exposed to lots of them on a daily basis. However, despite shoppers perhaps assuming that such practices are on the rise, new data released this week has actually proven that the opposite is true.

According to a study by IRI, supermarket promotional offers have dropped to their lowest level in a decade. The result is that shoppers are finding the weekly food shop to be more and more expensive, with fewer offers available for them to sniff out bargains or buy in bulk.

Consequently, the pressure is now on consumers to shop smarter. And the team here at Ubamarket HQ are confident that our brilliant app that will help you do just that.

In particular, our Automatic Loyalty system is a sure fire way to help you cut down on the cost of your shopping. Thanks to our Automatic Loyalty feature, every item you buy through an Ubamarket-powered app, you will automatically collect loyalty points and, in turn, save yourself money through rewards. There’s no need to remember your card, while creating a loyalty account with the scheme associated with the store you’re in is dead easy.

It was recently revealed that £6 billion sits unused within loyalty programmes across the UK because people are either unaware they are sat on a mound of points or they don’t know how to cash them in. By using an app to automatically collect and store your loyalty points, not only can you track how many you have in real-time, but you can use them to great money saving effect any time you want.

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