Science and Data to Solve Food Waste

Tackling the nation’s food waste challenge is high on the list of priorities for the team at Ubamarket HQ, we’ve built a selection of nifty features to ensure your double-ups and repeat purchases are kept to an absolute minimum. The Independent revealed this week how the UK’s supermarkets are using particle physics! to help solve the problem: The world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider. Morrisons is using it to make much more accurate predictions about exactly what stock it needs, and drastically reduce the amount of food that is thrown into landfill.

By using a clever algorithm, billions of pieces of data on past shopping transactions and stock levels, along with other information such as live weather forecasts, are fed into the system, which then makes around 16 million decisions every day for Morrisons. It gives shop managers the exact probability of how much of each of the tens of thousands of individual products will be sold on a given day. The algorithm then learns as more data is gathered each day – read on here:

Ubamarket’s technology enables retailers to swat-up on behavioural insights of shoppers in store that are only available through the app. In early October, we’re going to be releasing a report that unveils exactly what these data insights are, including where and when our basket size doubles, to the aisle that turns us off the most. Stay tuned for more on this, and our exciting launch that’s around the corner!  

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