Top Tips for a More Efficient Food Shop

For many of us, in-store food shopping is more hassle than it’s worth – with the constant forgetting of loyalty cards, struggles to find items, long queues, and worst of all the non-existent ‘unexpected item’ in the bagging area. Indeed, just last year we surveyed 2,000 UK shoppers and found that 66% of us are fed up with our supermarket shopping experience.

Thankfully, last year Ubamarket also began its rollout, with plans to usher in a nationwide retail revolution and end the small tyrannies we all are forced to endure when grabbing a pint of milk or doing the weekly food shop. And because we’re experts in making the whole supermarket shopping process better, we thought we would impart some of our pearls of wisdom; to save crucial time and money, Ubamarket has compiled a list of our top tips for alleviating the inevitable rage that either comes from these in-store injustices or afterwards once you realise how much you’ve spent… or worse yet, that you forgot the items you came in for!

Input all participating loyalty schemes into a handy app

Loyalty schemes are notoriously difficult to keep track of, so why not track them in real-time and take full advantage of your personal offers with an app.

Make a list

We won’t hide our disdain for our rival – the fragile and outdated paper shopping list – but keeping track of the essentials is absolutely vital. Always be sure to note down what you go in for, not only will it ensure you don’t forget anything, but it will also stop you meandering around aimless and wasting time and money.

Consider the latest loyalty offers available

The exact number of points can sometimes be tough to track but you can rack up more points and save a lot if you stock up using the latest offers. Always keep an eye on personalised deals or mass promotions for effective savings.

Use Ubamarket (obviously!)

Nothing is more expensive than a long sojourn through the aisles – especially when children (or hungry spouses) are involved! Cut down on time and accept no second best alternatives with a little help from your smartphone. Not only will Ubamarket’s supermarket sat-nav show you were all the items on your list can be found, but we will also enable you to pay through the app so you don’t have to go through the hassle of unpacking and scanning then re-packing each item all over again.

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