Daily Mail Hails Ubamarket as the new ‘Supermarket Satnav’!

It feels like we say it most weeks, but there’s no denying it – it has been another amazing seven days for all of us here at Ubamarket HQ. Not only was our CEO Will Broome on BBC Radio (again!), but we also found ourselves plastered all over the national and trade press, including an incredible piece in the Mail Online. Did you see it? Let’s face it; you probably did because the Mail Online is one of the most read online newspapers in the whole world!

Our app is kind of is big news, at least, for anyone who (as the Mail puts it) would like to bring “an end to the frustration of criss-crossing the shop searching for products”. And who wouldn’t want to do that? Why keep getting lost in the dairy isle when there’s a satnav for supermarkets? But enough from us; read what they had to say here.

They weren’t the only ones to pick up on the fact that there is now an app out there that marks “a new era in grocery shopping” though. No, Talking Retail also used us as an example of how retailers can harness technology effectively, while BT News told its readers ‘Hate shopping? Try the supermarket satnav!’

Of course, it’s always great to see yourself in the press. But, what’s really important is that we are getting the word out there that shopping really can be much smarter and faster. We are well on our way towards the retail revolution, but we will not rest until we (and you) have ‘arrived at our destination’! So keep your eyes peeled for more of us in the press. And we are quietly confident that you’ll be seeing much more of Ubamarket in the press; after all, we’re not just the food shopping satnav, but the market leading Tom Tom of the supermarket world.

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