Tis the Season for… Great Deals!

With Black Friday on the horizon and Christmas around the corner this only means one thing: time to get shopping! This time of year is great; the gifts, the lights, but mainly all that delicious food and drink which we all allow ourselves to overindulge in. However, despite all this fun, the festive season can also get a little tough on those old purse strings. We somehow have to manage to buy trees, crackers, gifts, Christmas outfits, huge turkeys, mountains of food and still have money left for the Champers come midnight on 31 December.

That’s why, across the pond, Black Friday was invented; the day after Thanksgiving, this tradition is there to help soothe the bloated turkey pains and give shoppers the chance to get a healthy dose of retail therapy. For you this means, unbelievable deals and a chance to stock up on Christmas supplies, for retailers this means massive competition. And supermarkets are joining in more than ever, which is great news because that Christmas party you are planning to throw somehow always costs more than you thought it would.

We might not be a retailer, but we are leading a retail revolution – as such, we wanted to join in the fun. So, we thought: how can we offer a tempting discount, and what can we give our friends as a little pre-Christmas treat? The answer was money and wine; or more specifically, £5 off and, for our true fiends, a bottle of wine to enjoy with a mince pie! All you have to do is become an Ubamarket user (you can’t get a gift if you don’t come to the party) and get scanning your shop with our amazing app to save £5… not to mention plenty of time. But wait, there’s more; if you use our app ten times before Christmas –which we are sure you will want to – we will give you a free bottle of wine.

Now get down to Budgens in Moreton-in-Marsh and get scanning!

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