Can Online Food Shopping Ever Replace the In-store Experience?

A few years ago, many of us expected that the days of the Great British high street, and perhaps even the supermarket, may be numbered. A task force was even launched by No.10 – headed by retail guru Mary Portas – to revive the nation’s beleaguered bricks and mortar retailers in the face of the ever-growing threat coming from online shopping.

However, over the past few years shoppers have grown tired of outsized and outlandish garments that never look quite how you expect. What’s more, consumers will no longer accept receiving bruised and groceries – or even worse, unwanted replacement items – delivered to their homes.

As shoppers, we now know that being able to inspect the food you buy is really important; as the saying goes, we really do eat with our eyes. In fact, Ubamarket’s research has found that not being able to pick your own items was the biggest gripe people had with online food shopping. While online might perfectly suit those of us looking to buy a new TV, the irritation of waiting potentially days only to receive unripe bananas at your door, is now a true bugbear of food shoppers in the digital age.

Thankfully many of the problems that we traditionally had with in-store food shopping, such as outrageously long queues and difficulties finding essential items, are now being resolved – thanks to a retail revolution ushered in by your favourite app, Ubamarket.  By marrying the speed and convenience of online with the essential sensory value of the in-store experience, Ubamarket really offers shoppers the best of both worlds.

Download the Ubamarket app today and say sayonara to both long in-store queues and unsuitable food deliveries.

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