Ubamarket reveals how UK shoppers want to pay for goods

As week after week goes by with millions of us stuck in long payment queues in stores across the nation, Ubamarket has decided to get to the bottom of this ongoing issue. We have commissioned research among 2,000 UK shoppers to examine the frustrations they feel towards queues, cash payment, tills and self-scan machines. What’s more, we can reveal people’s favourite payment methods and how consumers think they’ll be paying for items in the years to come.

You can read all about Ubamarket’s latest research in the Daily Express!

With so many of our transactions now processed online or through smartphones, Ubamarket’s research revealed that shoppers are increasingly expecting greater efficiency and convenience from retailers, with cash payment causing shoppers to walk away. In fact, 20% of consumers – the equivalent of over 10 million people across the UK – said they consciously avoid going to any retailer who only accepts cash. We also found that, in-app payments are fast-becoming the favourite method of payment among Brits, with over half (53%) of millennials stating that they think all payments will be made via mobiles devices in five years’ time.

It also appears that shoppers are growing tired of self-scan tills, with 48% of us feeling irritated by stores’ continued reliance on these supposedly “time-saving” machines. It’s easy to understand why – not only do these self-scan tills attract their own long queues, but shoppers must also deal with the technology complaining about phantom items in the bagging area and usually requiring an assistant to come and sort matters out; it’s clear our patience is wearing thin.

Thankfully, Ubamarket has come to the rescue of the nation’s shoppers, providing effortless app-based payment, meaning you can forget about needing notes, coins or queues. You don’t have to take our word for it; you can watch Ben check-out in lightning speed as he trials Ubamarket on BBC One’s Supermarket Shopping Secrets – check out the video below!

Ubamarket on BBC One’s Supermarket Shopping Secrets from Ubamarket. Shop Smarter. on Vimeo.

Over the next five years, it appears that coins and notes will be confined to the household drawer of obsolete items. Thanks to the retail revolution ushered in by Ubamarket, all shoppers will soon have everything they need to shop simply and swiftly on their phones.

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