Ubamarket Emerges Victorious from TV Trial

So, did you see it?! Hopefully you were one of the millions of people across the UK who tuned in on Monday night to see Ubamarket make its Silver Screen debut on BBC One’s Supermarket Shopping Secrets.

On the primetime show, Ubamarket was put through its paces in the digital-age version of Supermarket Sweep (minus Dale Winton, but with added Will Broome!). Two shoppers went head-to-head to find a list of 12 everyday items – one used an old fashioned scrap of paper with the list scribbled on, the other had the luxury of using Ubamarket. The result? You guessed it – the Ubamarket shopper breezed their way to a comfortable victory!

Not only did the app help Ben find every item effortlessly, but it enabled them to scan the items as they went and seamlessly checkout without having to re-scan and pack every product again. What’s more, the shopper using Ubamarket also collected Automatic Loyalty points throughout the entire shop without having to do anything.

As well as the real-life trial, the BBC One programme also spoke with Ubamarket’s founder and CEO Will Broome, who explained how our revolutionary retail app will make food shopping quicker, easier and more rewarding for customers.

For anyone who missed it, fear not – you can catch up via the video below!

Ubamarket on BBC One’s Supermarket Shopping Secrets from Ubamarket. Shop Smarter. on Vimeo.

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