An Uba-week for Ubamarket  

Next week will be a monumental week for Ubamarket! Our founder Will Broome will be starring on BBC One’s prime time show Supermarket Secrets at 9.00pm on Monday 10th July. But as if that wasn’t enough, next week we will also be releasing comprehensive new investigative research to the press delving into the truth about how consumers like to pay for their goods.

Supermarket Secrets is a three-part series investigating the world of food retail and is presented by Masterchef host Gregg Wallace and BBC News journalist Babita Sharma. The show explores how British supermarkets make and move the food they sell through a series of reports and interviews.

Since that historic moment in aisle 9  (when our founder came up with the idea for our game-changing new app), Ubamarket has always been committed to uncovering the mysteries of our relationship with supermarkets; so naturally Will is excited to share his plans of how Ubamarket will revolutionise our shopping experience!

Our fascination with how we buy and consume food has led Ubamarket to undertake headline making research into our shopping habits – just take a look at our Reviving Retail report from last year. The latest piece of Ubamarket research will be coming out next week, examining the impact long queues and old-fashioned payment systems have on how we spend, how we shop and how we choose the supermarkets we visit.

By uncovering new insights into our shopping habits and sharing knowledge with other experts, Ubamarket plans to take the retail revolution in new directions, bringing about even more seamless shopping trips.

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