Costly Chocolate Frogs & the Courgette Crisis: How to Weather the Storm with Ubamarket

It’s been a tough week in the world of food retail. What with the courgette crisis and Freddo price hike, customers are going hopping mad all over the place.

Sadly, we can’t dictate the RRP on confectionary amphibians, nor can we control the rain in Spain to help make courgetti spaghetti. But, we can help you prevent the price of your shop from spiralising out of control. Yes, even in such crazy times as these, Ubamarket can help you save your hard earned cash when you head to the supermarket.

After all, heading to the shops for food can be something of a lottery; if you’re feeling lazy, or hungry, or just have a lot of expensive cravings then before you know it the price of your shopping basket has gone through the roof. What’s more, with prices rising left, right and centre, it might be time to keep a closer eye on your supermarket spend. The only problem is that this requires more time and effort. Well, it does if you do it yourself anyway.

Luckily, you don’t have to anymore because Ubamarket is here to save the day – speeding up your shop while protecting your wallet! With our amazing app, when you scan-as-you-go we will not just help you cut down on till time at the end of your shop, but we will be totalling up your bill every step of the way. This means that you are able to see, in one quick glance, whether you have gone a bit bananas in store. And, not only will we help you keep an eye on the price of  your food shop, we will also collect automatic loyalty points for you as you shop, helping you save money without the need for you to fumble around for one of your six loyalty cards.

One app to rule them all!

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