Merry X-Smash and a Happy New Year!

That’s it! Our last workweek of the year is just about done (although not our last shop – eek), and what a week it’s been. All we wanted for Christmas was a brilliant launch, but we’ve been treated to an early present in the form of some fantastic coverage too – the ultimate icing on top of an already rather delicious Christmas cake.

As you probably know, last week we decided to uncover how the nation manages to get Christmas dinner on the table by carrying out exclusive research among 2,000 Brits. Shopping and food are our bread and butter after all, so we felt we should know all there is to know about one of the biggest dinners of the year – arguments and all! Turns out we weren’t the only ones to be interested in the UK’s debauched Christmas day tradition; the papers especially seemed to love that fact that 12% of us are ‘out of it’ by the time dinner is served – and coverage just kept sprouting up all over the place! We even made it to the front page – take a look:


Daily Star – Merry X-Smash! 6 million boozy Brits will hit the bottle early on Christmas Day

The Mirror – One in ten Brits admit they are drunk on Christmas Day before dinner is even served

Retail Thinking – Festive food shopping ‘most stressful’ trip of the year

This latest wave of national and trade coverage rounds off what has been a quite remarkable 2016 for Ubamarket. This time last year our app was still being built by the magical elves at DMI; since launching to market in the second half of the year we have already been featured in the press no fewer than 50 times. Viva the Retail Revolution!

We hope you have had an equally as fantastic year and that your Christmas dinner this year consists of more pigs in blankets than booze-soaked Barneys. Either way, it’s all part of the fun and we are ready to embrace it in all its glory – safely in the knowledge that we have done our bit when it comes to making things that little bit easier. Time to don our Christmas jumpers, relax, and gobble up as much turkey as possible before we get ready for next year – when we expect more of the same… only bigger and better, of course. Because 2017 will be the year we take over more supermarkets across the land to revolutionise the way we all shop for food.

Bring it on and see you then.

Merry X-Smash everyone!

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