All Treat, No Trick: How can Ubamarket’s Supernatural Shopping List help this Halloween?

Halloween is just around the corner. This means fun winter times are ahead for all, filled with treats and deliciously hearty food; next up Guy Fawkes, followed, of course, by Christmas and New Year! And the onset of the festive season means there are very busy times approaching for supermarkets and shoppers alike, as our food and drink consumption goes up a notch (or six). But, don’t worry, because we are here to make your Halloween shop an awful lot less scary!

We know all too well that a Halloween trip to the supermarket can leave you feeling like a zombie. There’s the rushing around making sure you get it all done on time (in between work and sticking fake cobwebs all over the house). Then there’s not forgetting the ingredients for the bloody cocktails, and the sweets you need to buy for the local kids that are bound to come knocking. To be honest, at these times, it’s a surprise we don’t even manage to forget the pumpkins themselves.

The tricky thing when you actually get into the supermarket is that you only buy these items once a year, which means you’re often left scratching your head trying to figure out where the tea lights are to place inside your carved pumpkin. Luckily, Ubamarket is on hand to make sure that this year, buying all your Halloween goodies is a little less gruesome (leaving you more time for the fun stuff).

No, we can’t decorate your house or make your kid a perfect mummy costume; but Ubamarket’s magic shopping list – which tells you where each of your items are located in the supermarket – can help you find out where on earth they keep red food colouring and chocolate skeletons. What’s more, we can help make sure the final cost will not be nearly as haunting, because Ubamarket tracks your spend as you go. Our app will even allow you to skip those nightmarish queues!

So why not makes this Halloween all treat and no trick by downloading Ubamarket today?

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