Want to Stay Ahead of the Game? There’s an App for That

“The most sophisticated supermarket app out there.” Nope, they’re not our words; this comes from a fantastic review in The Grocer. In our latest piece of coverage, the respected retail publication discussed the rise of in-store technology and the big name retailers that are beginning to embrace innovation to improve the supermarket experience for their shoppers.

In a three-page spread, the article delved into the developments that food retailers are beginning to integrate into their store. We heard from Tesco and the roll-out of its PayQwiq smartphone wallet; Waitrose’s scan and shop app Quick Check; Sainsbury’s SmartShop and finally Asda’s click & collect/in-store shopping list app. The use of tech in-store is a sign of the times and a huge leap forward in order to keep shoppers happy in the supermarket. However, what we noticed is that the big names are failing to create an all-encompassing solution that puts an end to our biggest food retail peeves.

Enter Ubamarket.

The magic shopping list that finds everything you need in-store, helps you to manage your spend, gives you Automatic LoyaltyTM and marks the end of the line for the endless queues at the checkout! After we found that 66% of shoppers are frustrated with their in-store experience, we’ve worked tirelessly to solve all your shopping gripes in one easy-to-use, beautifully packaged app. Although it’s promising to see retailers turning to technology, by failing to create one solution that ticks all the boxes for the shopper, there’s the risk that consumers will have to juggle multiple devices. Combine that with a basket full of goods and traipsing around to find out where the tea bags have been moved to and we’re bound to go off our trolleys.

To find out how Ubamarket could solve all your in-store peeves, read the full story with The Grocer.grocer-3

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