The War on Food Waste: How can Ubamarket Help?

We all love food, glorious food. But, ironically, its lack of consumption can be a real problem for the environment, the economy, and our own wallets. The Evening Standard has recently been waging a war on food waste, and in doing so it has been bringing to light some research figures that are pretty hard to swallow. A study by Wrap, for example, found that “annual food waste from UK households, hospitality and food services, food manufacturer and the retail and wholesale sectors amounts to around 12 million tonnes”. That equates to “at least 20 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions” and is worth “more than £19 billion a year”. Food for thought, no?

But, there’s no point crying over spilt milk, and supermarkets have finally started doing their bit to tackle the issue. For one, you might have seen some weirdly shaped wonky vegetables around of late. After all, a parsnip still tastes like a parsnip no matter what shape it is, and it’s just a bit rude to disregard them for not being as pretty as their peers (equality for all vegetables!). It’s one important step to cut down the amount of food that ends up in the bin, but probably more significantly, leading food retailers have now agreed to cut food waste by 20% by 2025.

However, supermarkets taking action is only half of the battle. According to the Love Food Hate Waste campaign, 50% of the total amount of food wasted in this country comes from our own homes. We all do it; mainly because we are busy, and let’s face it, have bigger fish to fry than always taking care to use up every morsel of food we have in the fridge. Consumers often buy things that it later turns out that we don’t need. Indeed, in our own research we found that 19% of UK adults are annoyed that they buy items in supermarkets that they already have or do not need – that equates to over 9.6 million across Britain. The result is that the typical UK family wastes £700 in uneaten food and drink every year.

Fear not though, we’ve designed an app for that! You probably already know how we aim to make shopping more time efficient, but we are also quite proud that Ubamarket can make your food shop more, erm, memory efficient too. With a list of all you’re previous purchases in your pocket at all times, not being wasteful just becomes a piece of cake.

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