Ubamarket: The Best Thing since Avocado on Toast?

From the Eureka moment when the initial concept was born, through the four years of innovation and elbow grease that made the dream a reality, Ubamarket’s journey to its official roll-out in-store has been monumental. And while the team here at Ubamarket Towers has always been convinced that our app is the best thing since smashed avocado on sliced bread (sourdough, of course), this counts for nothing if other people don’t share our point of view. Thankfully, the reception we’ve received so far has been fantastic.

We covered the roll-out in last week’s blog (here), while our CEO and Founder Will Broome has also offered some great insights around the long and, at times, troublesome path to launching Ubamarket in his latest blog (here). So we’ll not cover old ground; but instead we’ll take this opportunity to give ourselves a rather hearty pat on the back for some of the great press coverage Ubamarket has enjoyed since its big reveal to the world back in mid-August.

Following all the hard work – which is still ongoing as we strive for ways to improve the app – it’s gratifying to receive recognition from others that they, too, see Ubamarket as a game-changer for the retail industry. It’s been five weeks since word first spread about the app, and in the intervening period we’ve had no less than 20 pieces of coverage, with many more in the pipeline. Here’s a list of who’s been talking about us!

And this is just the beginning! There are countless more stores to implement Ubamarket in, and we’re confident that press coverage will continue to come through thick and fast – join us for the ride!

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