What are Shoppers’ Biggest Pet Peeves with Food Shopping?

Last week we finally drew the curtain back on our beautiful new report – Reviving Retail 2016. This glossy research paper examined current consumer attitudes towards food shopping both in-store and online. And, in short, it found that shoppers are pretty fed up with the quality of service they are receiving.

Based on an independent survey of 2,000 British adults, the study we commissioned provided some extremely interesting results. As such, we would advise you go and make yourself a cup of tea and read through the report in full – you can download it right here!

But for those who do not have the time or patience to consume the paper in its entirety, let us drill down into some of the key findings. Let’s begin with in-store grocery shopping; first and foremost, of the 2,000 people we asked, 66% of them stated that they were in some way frustrated with the supermarket experience. And here are the biggest pet peeves they had:

  • I have to wait in long queues at the checkout – 35%
  • I find myself buying items I already have or do not need – 19%
  • I find it difficult to track my total spend – 16%
  • I struggle to find the items I want on the shelves quickly and without assistance – 15%

These are things that anyone who has ever stepped foot into a supermarket can relate to. Indeed, it was these very bugbears that inspired Will Broome to create Ubamarket in the first place, as he explains in his blog, here.

Moving onto online food shopping, the survey revealed that of those who buy food online, a massive 71% of them are annoyed with at least one aspect of the shopping experience. Here are the things that frustrated people the most:

  • I am not able to select my own fresh produce – 38%
  • I receive unwanted replacement items – 29%
  • The items I buy are poor quality (bruised, discoloured, misshapen) – 18%
  • I receive the wrong items – 16%

If you, like the overwhelming majority of people in this survey, are frustrated by the food shopping experience, then why not check out Ubamarket and see how we can help!

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