Ubamarket CEO, Will Broome: How I Got the Idea for Ubamarket

This is a blog from Will Broome, Founder & CEO, Ubamarket Ltd.

Four years ago something dawned on me. I wasn’t the only person in the supermarket with my head buried in my phone, staring at a shopping list that had been texted to me and wondering where to start!

Of course, when I did eventually get started, I embarked upon a journey that would have made an expedition across Middle Earth seem less complicated. Dictated to by my list as if in a trance, I searched item by item, aisle by aisle, until (a long time later) I was left with one item which was simply impossible to find. And I still haven’t found it, by the way. From aisle one to aisle seven, aisle three to aisle nine and then back to aisle one again, because it turns out that the seventeenth thing on my list is located right next to the first thing on my list (who knew!?), my hapless journey continued.

“Wouldn’t it be cool if you walked in and your list was magically in the right order?” I thought to myself, and so Ubamarket was conceived. Right there on aisle nine.

Over the ensuing four years, I have developed the idea dramatically and, on the way, I have consulted some of the finest technicians, system architects, designers, project managers, coders, developers, supermarket owners, back end system technicians, POS specialists (and some of the worst too, of course) from all over the world. And now I have arrived at the beginning of another journey: the start of the retail revolution.

Ubamarket has evolved on a Darwinian scale (but in fast forward) and the app is poised to become the new way to shop faster and smarter whilst the retailer enjoys greater customer loyalty, so earns more and, instantly, learns more.

Warner’s Budgens in Moreton in Marsh, Gloucestershire, is our prototype partner store and it’s well worth a trip to the beautiful Cotswolds to check it out when we are officially up and running next week. We plan to roll this out across the UK throughout 2016 and, chances are, it’ll be in a store near you soon… watch this space!

This is a blog from Will Broome, Founder & CEO, Ubamarket Ltd.

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