Watch Out Big Four: Customers are Getting Savvy

It has been an interesting fortnight in the world of retail, and not just because Ubamarket was unveiled to the press. Last week we had some positive news – figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that retail sales in Britain rose by 1.4% in July. It was a welcome announcement, demonstrating that consumer confidence has not been adversely affected by the results of the EU referendum.

This week delivered another interesting revelation; data from market researchers Kantar Worldpanel revealed that all of the UK’s ‘big four’ supermarkets saw sales fall in the three months to 14 August. Despite the fact that overall supermarket sales were up by 0.3% in this period, sales at Tesco declined 0.4%, while Sainsbury’s and Morrisons saw a drop of 0.6% and 1.8% respectively. Bringing up the rear was Asda, which was the big loser among the supermarket heavyweights, with sales falling by 5.5% in the last quarter.

The stranglehold the big four have over the supermarket industry is evidently loosening. Discount chains such as Aldi and Lidl are stealing away shoppers, while customers are also increasingly turning to independent retailers. Ultimately, as we know very well here at Ubamarket, what consumers want from their shopping experience is value, convenience and quality and they will likely go to whichever store offers them the best combination of these things.

Ubamarket is a solution that helps deliver an enhanced supermarket shopping experience – forget long queues, difficulty in trying to find items on your list, and that annoying moment when you realise you have forgotten your loyalty card… again! We are here to lead the charge in the retail revolution and to make sure shoppers get quality and value, conveniently. Find out how with this lovely little video, which shows you exactly how the Ubamarket app works:

Ubamarket™ – Shop Smarter from Ubamarket. Shop Smarter. on Vimeo.

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