Six Things That Annoy Every Supermarket Shopper

Supermarket shopping is a fundamental part of most people’s weekly routine. In fact, a study has shown that 44% of people in Britain go to the supermarket at least once a week. And it’s fair to say that there are a number of pet peeves that annoy a lot of supermarket goers on a regular basis. Here are six that we at Ubamarket think everyone will be able to relate to:

  1. The last-minute dash

We’ve all been there; you’re unloading your shopping basket and then suddenly remember you’ve forgotten the all important final ingredient for that night’s dinner. Do you lose your place in the queue and go back to wondering the aisles to try find it? Do you heck! You plonk your basket down and do your best Supermarket Sweep impression, frantically rushing to find the item and get back to the check-out before the cashier is done scanning all your items. Then, as calmly as possible (while sweating and wheezing) you place your items in your bag and stroll out.

NAAuUs9 - Imgur

2. Hunting for the obscure

“Where on earth is the tahini? I can’t make baba ganoush without it!”

Ok, perhaps that’s a bit niche, but we can all relate to the frustration of traipsing up and down supermarket aisles looking for an obscure item on your shopping list – trying to hunt down rose water, almond butter or pickled ginger can be a real chore.

3. Unexpected item in bagging area

Is there? IS THERE?!

Nothing gets to us more than the whiny automated voice telling you that you don’t know how to use the self-scan checkout machine. And then comes the palaver of looking around everywhere for a supermarket assistant to come and confirm that there is, in fact, nothing unexpected in the bagging area.

M2bZq - Imgur


“Do you have loyalty card?”


“Do you have it with you?”

*rummages madly through pockets and bag* … “No”

Enough said.

5. Forgetting your bag for life

And if constantly forgetting your loyalty card wasn’t bad enough, then we get to bags for life.

Go into homes up and down the country and you’ll find cupboards fit to burst with supermarket bags for life – we stockpile them like they’re going out of fashion. Unfortunately, unless you’re one of those annoyingly organised people, these resilient carriers are usually nowhere to be seen when you arrive at the supermarket checkout.

  1. The scrap over the reduced items

We all love a good bargain, don’t we? There’s no finer evidence of this than when you get to the ‘reduced to clear’ section of the supermarket – a magical place filled with items that are cast aside for either being superficially damaged (picture the four-pack of dented Diet Cokes wrapped together in brown tape), or fast-approaching their sell-by date. But when it comes to a busy supermarket, competition for these items can become fierce, with shoppers positioning themselves resolutely in front of the shelves with little-to-no regard for other people passing down the aisles. The struggle is real!

9ZCNDli - Imgur

Here at Ubamarket HQ, we’re supremely confident that we’ve created a solution that will vastly improve the in-store food shopping experience and do away with (most of) these supermarket grievances. Stay tuned!

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