Waste Not, Want Not: It’s Time for Food Shoppers to get Smart


If there’s a golden rule to live your life by, it’s to never go food shopping when you’re hungry. You go in for a loaf of bread and some milk and you come out with three packets of biscuits, a spaghetti carbonara ready-meal, a caterpillar cake and 12 mini sausage rolls… nightmare!

However, the truth is that whether you’re ravenous, stuffed or ‘hangry’, everyone could do with being smarter shoppers, particularly when it comes to food waste. From buying items we already have, through to putting food in our baskets that we never consume, the majority of people in the UK are culpable of unnecessary purchases. For example, a study from Tesco back in 2013 revealed that a staggering 68% of bags of salad sold are never eaten. That’s a lot of rocket to be throwing in the bin! Meanwhile, government figures show that the average UK household spends £470 a year on food that goes untouched.

We’re not just guilty of wasting food however we’re also throwing away valuable loyalty points. Most people can relate to having been stood at the supermarket checkout, patting down their pockets or fumbling through bags, trying to find an elusive loyalty card for that store. And even when we do remember to bring the card with us, research shows that loyalty bonuses often sit unused. Data released last year shows that of the 19 million Nectar cards in use in the UK, members typically have over £22 worth of unused points on their account, while Tesco Clubcard users have almost £18.

Some food waste is unavoidable – we have the best intentions when we buy salad, we really do! We certainly wouldn’t want to do away with those cheeky impulse buys either during the supermarket shop, but it’s undoubtedly an area that consumers could look to improve on; as is making maximum use of loyalty cards. Becoming more efficient when we shop is a sure fire means of managing the amount of time and money we spend in supermarkets. But how do we achieve this? Stick with Ubamarket and we will soon show you!

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